Rules for Emailing of Assignments

Emailing an assignment saves paper, is more convenient and gives students a record of the submission date. However, there are a few rules that need to be followed.


ASSIGNMENT EMAIL. The correct email addresS for sending assignments or attachments is;


IDENTIFICATION. Most assignments should be submitted as a SINGLE file (e.g. Word document or EXCEL file). The name of the file should follow this standard: (Including dashes)

Lastname-Firstname-Student Number-Subject Number-Assignment Name.

For example:


CHECK IT BEFORE YOU SEND IT. If you find a mistake in the file you have already sent, there is no guarantee your 2nd submission will be marked - especially if there is a long delay between the emails. An immediate recall will usually be accepted, but this is a special consideration. After all, submission is submission - so CHECK your assignment before sending it!


REMEMBER THE ATTACHMENT! Amazing how often this happens! One good habit when sending important emails is to CC to yourself. That way you can check the incoming email and see what the teacher would get in their inbox.


500MB MAXIMUM. If it is larger than this, give to teacher on USB stick. However, this would have to be a huge CAD assembly or something like a video. There is no way a normal document would get this big unless you did something wrong (like embedding some sort of huge image somehow).

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