Assignment: Motor

Motor: Mabuchi FC-130

  1. Build 3D model (as 1 piece - which is a single *.ipt model)
  2. Generate drawing as shown below. Use A3 drawing sheet.
  3. Produce a rendering of the motor.


  • All dimensions used in every Profile sketch must EXACTLY match dimensions shown. Do not add, subtract or calculate any distances other than those shown in each diagram below.
  • The Browser Bar (which shows the history of your model building) must not contain any useless features or sketches. Either fix them or delete them - but do not ignore them.
  • Model must be set up symmetrically on the origin planes XY,XZ,YZ. This can be done with dimensions or constraints.
  • Make sure the model is in mm (Use standard(mm).ipt in the metric templates)

Larger Image (pdf)


  • Start with a protrusion for the cylinder and cut off the flats at 7.5mm  
  • You can do a tag in a single protrusion; make a work plane 4mm from the end and build the extrusion on that.


Have a play with applying textures on different faces:
Right click a face > Properties > Choose a Face Color Style... 

View >  Orthographic > Perspective...

Render the image:
Environments > Inventor Studio > Render Tab > Render Image.
Maybe something like this...

Relevant pages in MDME
  • INVENTOR tutorial.